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About Us

erika botha


Starting out in the world of media being a radio presenter and hosting a television program, related to marriages, Erika Botha has become a relationship expert in her own right. She works as a relationship life coach & author, who aims to guide individuals into finding their lifelong partner. Counselling professionally since 2004, she remembers constantly giving relationship advice as far back as high school. Erika Botha holds two degrees (Accounting and Organizational Psychology), along with a Higher Diploma in Journalism. Being married for 20+ years helps Erika to understand many relationship trials & tribulations, as she’s overcome them with her husband, Philip. 

Erika truly believes that relationships are the foundation for everything. Large pieces of her coaching revolve around navigating relationships in one’s life with excellent communication & perspective. Self-awareness is also essential. Erika has noticed that mature women often want to adjust themselves to a potential partner. She challenges that aspect by working with women to first know themselves and then identify who will fit with their own personalities, values & needs. A true key to being happy in your relationship is being happy with yourself first! 

When Erika is not coaching, she can be found next to the tennis and volleyball courts, cheering on one of her three girls. She loves dancing & traveling. Her friends would describe her as fun and outgoing, loving life, but still maintaining the constant role of the “problem solver” with her phlegmatic personality. 

Erika has always felt that her willingness to help people is a natural instinct she couldn’t change. She strives to make people feel like they can open up easily to her and hopes that her true desire to help them find love within themselves and with a future partner, shines through. 

About Us

Mike Henrie

Mike, a native of Utah, graduated from the University of Southern Utah with a degree in Business. 

As a qualified life coach, he focusses on assisting couples in their journey of discovery of how to foster and strengthen their relationship with each other.  Mike believes that communication is crucial in relationships.

Not only does Mike possess insights into people, but he is also a gifted equine clinician and horse trainer. Mike owns a successful adventure company for ten years. 

Integrating these two loves - helping people and animals - Mike has spent over 20 years helping others through equine coaching. Partnering with a horse can teach someone about their personal growth.